Systems Engineering & Integration

The Art of the Possible

Our Interdisciplinary Approach to Systems Engineering

Torch applies traditional and non-traditional interdisciplinary engineering expertise to advance the Warfighter’s “art of the possible” in broad domains of weapons, manned and unmanned platforms, software, sensors, data fusion, management, and systems integration. We promote collaboration across government/contractor lines and empower our team to be innovative in our approach to fulfilling technical requirements and engineering solutions. We excel at experimentation and acceleration of technology in lab environments using high-level prototyping to the fullest extent possible to reduce risk, but always with a focus on field application.

Requirements Flow Down and Allocation

Maintenance of the program technical baseline including allocation of requirements to build capabilities, requirements flow down,
and requirements traceability.

Risk Assessment

Identification, assessment, and tracking risks at the program and system and sub-system levels, including the development and maintenance of knowledge points and risk management plans.

System Interoperability

Assessing interaction of systems and systems of systems using all-digital and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) simulations to include complex representations of weapons and tactical communications systems, including a wide range of tactical data links and protocols.

System Verification

System performance test and verification to verify Prime Development Specification (PIDS) and technical compliance criteria. We also engage in identification of Critical Engagement Conditions (CEC) and Empirical Measurement Events (EME) that define the
test data required to support verification.