Program Support

A Deeper Level of Support

Connecting Program Support With Engineering Solutions

Torch provides business, financial, and technical support to major acquisition programs for the Army, Navy, and Missile Defense Agency (MDA). We do this through acquisition management and programmatic and cost analysis requirements. Our technical support consists of technical documentation, technical performance, systems integration, advanced technology demonstrations, test planning, and cost-trade studies. We also provide strategic planning support through a process of portfolio and system level trades to help identify program efficiencies and investment strategies. Our analytical and organizational assessment support functions encompass planning, scheduling, budgeting and financial management activities.  Our program analysts maintain contact with corporate engineering teams who can provide solutions for keeping programs on-budget and on-schedule.

Acquisition Management

Support for proposal evaluation, milestone documentation preparation, life-cycle planning, and tracking from pre-Materiel Development Decision (MDD) through the operations & support phase from cradle to grave.

Strategic Planning

Support of senior leadership to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness in defense spending within and across the missile defense community.

Budget Planning and Execution

Support to the Planning, Programming, Budget & Execution (PPBE) process; the annual Fiscal Year (FY) program budget planning cycle; the FY budget execution to plan; the Internal Operating Budget (IOB) review process; and the end-of-year execution efficiencies.

Configuration Management

Establishing, maintaining, and managing the consistency of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with
its requirements and design and operational information
throughout its lifecycle.