& Simulation

Digitizing the World Around Us

Enabling Battlefield Advantages Through System Integration

Torch manages, develops, and validates a variety of simulations and simulation tools, including emulators and simulators, to facilitate a complete understanding of the operational system environment. We develop simulations based on complex mathematical and phenomenology models for a variety of problem domains including the following: platform; interceptor; threat sensor; and Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4). Torch incorporates these complex models into larger system simulations for analysis of system-wide problems in a variety of areas such as integrated air and missile defense, ballistic missile defense sensor and weapon performance, and integrated UAS weapon system performance.

High Fidelity 6-DoF

Physics-based modeling of interceptors, aviation platforms and threats, including detailed models of aerodynamics, guidance and control systems, navigation components, sensors and data links.


Modeling and simulation representations to support all-digital elements of system-level and component HWIL facilities including platform, interceptor, weapon control, battle management,
and threat.

Virtual Engagement

High-fidelity interceptor models integrated with tactical systems to support live testing with actual targets, sensors, and weapon control components.

Threat Engineering

Model representations of adversary missiles, aircraft, drones and towed targets, including trajectories, signatures and lethality/vulnerability.

Performance Analysis

Operational, battle space, and detailed engagement analysis using tools developed to support efficient production, collection, and analysis of performance data.

Verification and Validation

Refinement and validation of simulations utilizing test data that includes truth data from data collections such as flight tests, ground tests, and HWIL tests.

Multi-Spectral Scene Generation

Advancing State-of-the-Art

Torch developed an innovative multi-spectral simulation software and modeling process that takes advantage of modern massively parallel hardware. Traditional terrain scene modeling solutions often require 2-4 weeks of execution time on a High Performance Compute cluster, while Torch’s solution completes the same work on a single computer using high performance GPU’s in less than 24 hours. Our solution drastically reduced runtime allowed for many fidelity enhancements that were previously not feasible. Torch has also developed multi-spectral topography models for EO/IR and RF bands in denied areas. These advanced technologies have broad applications in the development of advanced seekers, detection systems, and active protection systems.