Caring for People and Our Planet

Industrial Hygiene, Safety, and Environmental Engineering

Every day our scientist and engineers navigate complex issues associated with environmental compliance, research and development. We are at the forefront of qualifying new materials and processes that improve safety and that are better for our environment for our customers. Our compliance team conducts audits and verifies that operations are complaint with all Federal, State, and Local environmental laws and regulations and statues/regulations from Department of Defense (DOD), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Executive Orders and International treaties/laws such as REACH, RoHS and WEE pertaining to environmental compliance and protection.

Energy Efficiency

Torch has experience with developing and executing energy efficient projects. The focus is on projects where the utilization of energy and natural resources is maintained as low as practicable. This leads to enhanced conservation, reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and a reduction in operating costs.

Environmental Project Management

Project managers run many concurrent projects which lead to improved environmental compliance, waste reduction and process improvement. Our employees have been instrumental in saving installations thousands of dollars.

Compliance Audits

Torch engineers and analysts provide comprehensive site compliance audits. These audits focus on environmental and occupational health compliance. Our highly skilled team helps to develop corrective action plans and tracking methods to ensure its customers and meeting applicable standards and guidelines.

Chemical and Process Substitutions

Torch scientists and engineers identify potential material and process substitutions that replace toxic chemicals and materials with alternatives that are environmentally benign and otherwise sustainable in the face of ever-tightening regulations. When a specific alternative is determined to have a high potential for successful implementation, Torch prepares project and test plans to remedy the data gaps and executes the program by coordinating within the stakeholders such as vendors, contractors, and partners in impacted branches of the Government.

The Shingo Prize

The World's Highest Standard for Operational Excellence

Torch employee-owners strive to be the best. In 2017, one of Torch’s customers was awarded the Shingo Bronze Medallion. Our environmentalists were honored to contribute to the award process.

The Shingo Prize is based on a complete assessment of an organization’s culture and how well it drives world-class results. Shingo examiners focus on the degree to which the Shingo Guiding Principles of the Shingo Model™ are evident in the behavior of every employee. The examiners observe behavior and determine the frequency, duration, intensity and scope of the desired principle-based behavior. They also observe the degree to which leaders focus on principles and culture, and managers focus on aligning systems to drive ideal behaviors at all levels. This focus is unique in the world and is the most rigorous way to determine whether an organization is fundamentally improving for the long-term, or just going through the motions of another flavor-of-the-month initiative.

Shingo Institute