Letter from the CEO

To Our Employees and Clients

A Letter from the President and CEO

When Bill Roark and Don Holder founded Torch in 2002 they knew that employees were the company’s greatest asset. They believed that offering employees a stake in the outcome, by making them all owners, was critical to building a successful organization. I share that feeling.  Bill and Don’s original intent was fully achieved in 2011 when Torch converted to a 100 percent S-Corp ESOP.  Since that time, the company has grown over five-fold and gained national recognition for the success we have demonstrated as an employee-owned company.

Today, Torch continues to respect the individual contributions of our employee-owners and to share the rewards of our success.  In addition, we continue to foster an environment of employee recognition, respect, development, and comradery while striving to achieve a healthy work-life balance.  We recognize that core to our company is a culture of trust with our employees, clients, and business partners.  Our management team is committed to continue to earn that trust.

Going forward, Torch will continue to evolve to address market and technology changes in order to become a major provider of cost effective technical services and solutions to the Warfighter.  We are making significant investments into facilities, equipment, business systems, and research to enable us to provide innovations and timely business services to our clients.  We feel that always looking to improve our service is key to sustaining client trust in the future.   Likewise, we believe that continuing to share ownership is one of the ways we maintain employee trust and an unparalleled commitment to succeed.  Combined, these timeless principles form the basis of the Torch culture.  A culture that we are committed to continue and strive to pass on to the next generation of employee-owners.


John Watson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Torch Technologies, Inc.